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Governance Network DC

Dear governance practitioner,


More and more people in the Caribbean want to be regularly informed about developments in corporate governance that are important in the Caribbean region. This varies from recent publications to an overview of the available course offerings to the organization of knowledge meetings with administrators and supervisors.


To facilitate this need, a number of organizations active in the field of corporate governance in the Caribbean and in the Netherlands (including the Themis Institute for Governance & Leadership (Themis) and NR Governance (the former 'National Register') (NR) have joined forces to create a Caribbean network that interested parties can join free of charge and through which they can obtain information about corporate governance. A knowledge platform is also being developed within the framework of this network.  The network will stimulate the exchange of experiences of (supervisory) directors, through network meetings, lectures, and interviews with Caribbean directors and supervisory directors.


This network is still under construction. That is why we are making an inventory of the interest by means of this message. If you are interested in this initiative, please fill out the form below. We will then keep you informed about the development of the network and the moment of the formal kick-off. You can of course terminate your participation at any time.


On behalf of Themis, Robbert Kroon


On behalf of NR, Olaf Smits van Waesberghe

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